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300×250 BANNER BOX

Included in: Digital Standard, Advanced and Premium Plan

A Box banner is made up of a still or animated image and a landing link (that could be either your page or even a specific product)

  • SIZE: 300 px horizontal– 250 px vertical
  • COMPATIBLE FORMATS: .JPG .GIF .HTML5 or a Javascript that can be uploaded directly to Adserver

The characteristics of an effective BANNER.

  • The best banners are light, simply animated and without too much text
  • Always use a clear Call to Action, inviting users to find out more, get more information and the Call to Action “frame” should be clearly visible, and not in a fast-moving animation
  • Remember that a banner must have a landing page. If you want to build your contacts, users need to land on a page with a request form for information or at least a page where they can download information about you and your products