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Included in: Digital Standard, Advanced and Premium Plan

A Skin Background is an interactive image that serves as the background of the site itself and is made up of a fixed image and a landing link (which can be your page or even a specific product). The Skin Background is featured on both the homepage and on internal pages.

  • SIZE: 1920px horizontal – 935px vertical

We recommend that you include the most important information in the upper part, which is more visible even by those with a very small window, while you can use the sidebands to insert other information or photographs. The part that fades to light yellow (in the template provided) is used for continuity and to soften f any photos or graphic elements given that high-resolution screens are not yet widespread among users and so they may not see them.

Please use the PSD provided as a guide

NB: the recommended height is 1080px, but the file may be higher for higher resolutions (Mac, large screens).
For greater flexibility in adapting the skin to the site it would also be useful to receive the psd file in Photoshop in case we have to handle the file to slightly adjust the graphics by some pixels or make any quick corrections that may be necessary.