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Included in: Digital Standard, Advanced and Premium Plan

Skin reveal: a format that enables you to capture attention and address a greater quantity of information to your clients.

Two banners: a slim one that can be clicked to reveal a larger and more detailed space. Available on both desktop and mobile.

    • top file: 795 px horizontal – 155 px vertical
    • main file: 620 px horizontal – 517 px vertical
    • top file: 320 px horizontal – 50 px vertical
    • main file: 300 px horizontal – 250 px vertical
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 40 KB each

This type of skin consists of two files: the first rectangular banner is displayed at the top of the site, the second, more square, is displayed when the first banner is clicked, moving the entire web page down.

We advise you to include some captivating information into the rectangular banner, along with a graphic element that can be identified as a “button”. This activates the mechanism that reveals the second banner, where there is space for much more information and other communicative elements.

Please use the PSD provided for the correct size of both files

For greater flexibility in adapting the skin to the site it would also be useful to receive the psd file in Photoshop in case we have to handle the file to slightly adjust the graphics by some pixels or make any quick corrections that may be necessary.