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DEM and Recall

Included in: Digital Standard, Advanced and Premium Plan

A full dedicated email is a direct marketing tool that uses email to send commercial messages to a selected target, included in our databases.
When you choose a “DEM and Recall” package, DBInformation will send the first email message to all of our subscribers included in the database you chose and, after two weeks, we will send a “recall” message to those who had opened the first message and therefore showed an interest in your proposal.

You will have the chance to vary your graphic creativity so it is advisable to think about two different messages to cover both of the sendings, to clarify your message and streghten it towards those who had already showed interest in your offer.

  • Provide a SUBJECT of about 5-6 words
  • Link: there is no maximum limit to the number of links that can be included, but you should remember that a DEM must invite a click towards a main page that you want the user to see
  • An effective DEM that will not generate SPAM should have an HTML file in which there is a good balance between text and images
  • Avoid using words such as “discounts” “offer” or “promotion” in the SUBJECT. This is not a hard and fast rule, but can lead to SPAM and lower opening rates
  • Flash animations
  • JAVASCRIPT codes
  • Tag DIV (use tables = TABLE)
  • Tag FORM (form for inserting data)
  • Tag MAP (mapping of multiple links per image)

VERY IMPORTANT: External CSS (style sheets) – use instead CSS “inline” on tags